Careity Celebrity Cutting

Hats Off for Heroes is a one-of-a-kind, on-demand event from Careity Foundation that boldly celebrates the spirit of giving and serving in a fresh new way.

The innovative program links caring sponsors with deserving honorees in a personalized, two-part event that bypasses the limits of typical recognition banquets. The first part of each experience delivers a special dinner gathering for each honoree with close friends and presentation of a beautiful crystal award. That experience is then shared publicly with others in the community through an established network of publications, newsletters, and social media.

The Hats Off to Heroes format truly turns the spotlight on an individual in a meaningful way in their home or other location that means most to them. That offers sponsors the chance to truly express appreciation for the difference that honorees have made in their companies, communities or families. It’s the perfect way to celebrate parents, children, dignitaries, employees, leaders, partners, celebrities – anybody who’s made a difference – in a way they will never forget.

Hats Off to Heroes is available to you exclusively through Careity Foundation. Contact us to learn how.