Mary Branch Humanitarian Award


2019 Mary Branch Humanitarian Award

Many people serve, but for some that service is driven entirely by their own love for people. Out of that love grows a remarkable commitment to those in need, the fruit of which is an astounding depth and breadth of service to others. It is in this spirit – that of the love-driven humanitarian – that this award was created and through which the spirit of Mary Branch endures.

People of this sort demonstrate an extraordinary willingness to place the needs of other individuals above their own. Other caregivers – inspired by the example of encouragement, motivation, inner courage, provision, spiritual strength, and contributions of such loving humanitarians – feel compelled to join them in service.

This award is intended to honor a person who demonstrates an excellence of sincere service to individuals based on a spirit of concern for the needs of mankind and the elimination of suffering, whether that of cancer victims or others. While service in the area of cancer is of great interest to the sponsors of this award, it is not by definition limited to work in this area. In fact, the very characteristics that qualify a person for this award would likely drive them to exercise their love and commitment across a broad range of concerns and organizations as Mary Branch’s did. In essence, this award is intended to honor a lifetime of service characterized by a spirit of loving sacrifice: “These three abide: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

Mary Branch Humanitarian Award Winners

2019 Winner – Barry Russo

2018 – Peggy and Leon Henry
2017 – Lillian and Josh Foshee
2016 – Debra Smith
2015 – Vickie & Jerry Durant
2014 – Joanne &Neal Ingle
2013 – Athena Society of Burleson
2012 – Amy & George Mercer
2011 – Carri & Kip Hyde
2010 – Missy Hutton

2009 – Zan Prince
2008 – Jon Bonnell
2007 – Corless & Louis Baldwin
2006 – Janice & Bob Simpson
2005 – Nan & Bob Kingsley
2004 – Sister Frances Evans
2003 – Marty Leonard
2002 – Joan Katz & Rozanne Rosenthal
2001 – Lyn Walsh

Spirit of Careity Award


2019 Spirit of Careity Award

With prominence comes the ability to profoundly influence others. Some people use their personal time to focus on themselves. But others – those for whom the Spirit of Careity Award was created – use their time as a platform for serving others. Not only do they call attention to needs of others that might be overlooked, but they invest themselves personally in worthy causes.

This person is devoted to philanthropic leadership. Specifically, they have demonstrated personal commitment to Careity Foundation’s work in preserving and enhancing quality life for cancer patients and children. They have personally spread our story, promoted our work, expanded our resources, and encouraged our efforts in their everyday lives.

This prestigious award was created to acknowledge a leader who genuinely exemplifies the spirit of caring, volunteerism, and humanitarianism in his/her life. While we recognize the recipient’s work for Careity Foundation in particular, we are also recognizing a genuine outpouring of concern for others that marks all of life. When character is tested by the opportunity to focus exclusively on themselves, they have chosen instead to use their gifts to help and influence others.

Spirit of Careity Award

2018 – Marsha Brown and Parker County Today
2017 – Imperial Construction
2016 – Therese & Tom Moncrief
2015 – Evon Markum

Careity Legend Award

2014 – Sheriff Larry Fowler
2013 – Lyndon Gaither
2012 – Shelly & Rick Mowery
2011 – Jay Novacek
2010 – Bob Kingsley
2009 – Lynn Anderson


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