Many of our days begin by answering a frantic cry for help. You know the type of call, from somebody whose bad news is fresh and the worry is raw. These are desperate conversations that begin, “I’ve found a lump in my breast! Where can I get a mammogram as soon as possible?”

The callers – often people of little means, young single mothers with children, people who seemed perfectly healthy yesterday – have found us and need informed answers right away. Just as important, they need the compassionate ear of somebody who understands. They need Careity.

With each call, we join another journey as confidant, encourager, guide and source of hands-on assistance. They don’t yet know that they need a different kind of mammogram than the routine screening, a diagnostic type that requires a doctor’s orders. “Doctor’s orders? No, we don’t have that!” they say. “And we can’t afford a doctor anyway. Can you still help us?”

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In those cases we move to the next step. We gather details and initiate a process with our trusted network of physicians that leads to an appointment, usually within 24 hours. By day’s end, another frantic cry for help has turned in to words of encouragement and a path forward. Another urgent “Help me” has become a hope-filled “Thank you.”

Some patients require a biopsy – another step, another cry for help. Unfortunately, some biopsies lead to a cancer diagnosis. Even then, Careity stays involved. Our social workers help them through the maze of uncertainty and guide them in filling out paperwork for emergency assistance. When cases are aggressive there is no time to waste; we streamline the process for those whose lives are in peril.

Each caller is different and special, but the heartbreak can also be familiar. Families in crisis, single parents, dedicated spouses who can no longer handle the numbing demands of the journey. People overwhelmed by the options, making the journey alone, mostly without any insurance. No wonder depression and anxiety are constant companions.

Careity is hands-on direct patient care, with a reach made possible daily by our clinical staff and our network of physicians at The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders along with Dr. Amy Gunter and Solis Mammography.

Careity social workers are available to help patients with the support that they need to push through each of the next days that they face. Nurse cancer navigators help and enable patients throughout their cancer treatment, no matter how many months or years that may be. Careity licensed dieticians keep patients healthy in order for them to get through their treatment. A Careity psychotherapist and chaplain help not only the patient but their families, too. Medical massage therapy, reflexology and acupuncture programs also play a huge part in alleviating some of the anxiety.

Every new call we receive is a journey. But it’s also an opportunity that we welcome to play an involved part in someone’s life at a critical time. Careity brings together the people and resources to give patients and families hope and keep them focused on healing.

Help. Hope. Healing. It’s our calling, so we are always ready for the next call.

Careity Foundation is a Texas 501(c)3. We exist to provide direct care that saves lives, gives hope, eases pain, and allows cancer patients and families to focus on healing.

Since its inception, Careity Foundation has set the platinum standard in the nonprofit community. Careity Foundation was the first in the nation to offer oncology massage in the chemotherapy room to relieve the side effects of drug therapy in patients.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, Careity Foundation is there for you, to help you, and to get you through these tough times.”



Careity provides over 7,250 services in North Central Texas! Services include cancer navigation, dietician services, nutritional supplements, mammograms, diagnostics, biopsies, surgeries, psychotherapy, social worker and chaplain services, as well as medical massage therapy, reflexology and acupuncture.


Careity offers free early detection and a critical comprehensive in-depth program for patients who are diagnosed. Access to our team of physicians for consults and surgery is rapid. A timely communication of treatment plans is vitally important. Within 48 hours of diagnosis, patients are contacted by a Patient Coordinator, through our team at The Center For Cancer and Blood Disorders. Careity patients are also eligible for clinical trials.


Early detection of men’s cancers is our main focus for this initiative with continued care throughout diagnosis when needed. We offer low dose CT lung scan, oral screening, colon test kits, PSA-prostrate and Testicular screening for qualified men during special men’s day events.


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