Cancer Navigation

A cancer patient navigator is an oncology nurse who is trained to help identify and resolve real and perceived barriers to care, enabling patients to adhere to care recommendations and thus improve their cancer outcomes. They help patients by meeting with them and their families, calling them and going to doctors visits with them when needed. Personal guidance is provided to patients as they move through their cancer journey. Patients who have nurse navigators are more involved in their care, more informed as to how their cancer affects their life, and are usually better prepared to deal with their cancer.

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Psychotherapy, Social Worker And Chaplain Services

Psychotherapy counseling sessions are offered to cancer patients and their families as they are dealing with various emotional issues stemming from their cancer diagnosis. Depression, anxiety, grief, anger, fear, stress, insomnia and feeling overwhelmed are typically addressed.

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Dietician Services, Nutritional Supplements

Nutrition plays an important role in cancer treatment and recovery. Registered and licensed dietitians help patients in their fight with cancer. A good nutrition plan helps keep the body stronger. Nutritional supplements are also provided to economically challenged patients.

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Medical Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Acupuncture

These medical therapies are provided to patients to help them manage and better tolerate pain and nausea. It gives them a better opportunity to consider the positive aspects of the drugs in spite of some of the negative impact on the body.

Mammograms, Diagnostics, Biopsies And Surgeries

Careity offers free early detection and a critical comprehensive indepth program for patients who are diagnosed. Access to our team of physicians for consults and surgery is rapid. A timely communication of treatment plans is vitally important. Within 48 hours of diagnosis, patients are contacted by a Patient Coordinator, through our team at The Center For Cancer and Blood Disorders. Careity patients are also eligible for clinical trials.

Patient Gas Cards

Cancer patients quite often exhaust their finances due to loss of employment, loss of insurance or lack of both. Many patients in our community have very long distances to travel for treatment and doctor visits. Radiology patients face a situation of having to commute to treatment on a daily basis for a long period of time. Many are forced into a position to choose between food and fuel. Our team of social workers determine the needs of economically challenged patients within our community.


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