Cancer Support Services

Cancer Navigation and Guided Imagery

"I have been thinking alot about the Guided Imagery that we shared during our sessions and my sickness and how it has affected my life. I wish I could have had someone to talk to like you at the start of my journey. I have found many positive aspects of this battle. When I went through chemo and radiation the first time I said I would never do it a second time. Well, here I am, taking my chemo and meeting wonderful, caring people such as yourself. Sometimes the road is full of potholes, but there are other days that fill me with so much joy that I am so glad I am still here to experience life and whatever the future may hold for me. Thank you for being a part of my life, my healing, and thank you for caring like you do!" – Virgil


Psychotherapy counseling sessions are offered to cancer patients, and their families as they are dealing with various emotional issues stemming from their cancer diagnosis. Depression, anxiety, grief, anger, fear, stress, insomnia and feeling overwhelmed are typically addressed.


"It is almost one year since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. If it had not been for your help, I would not have known about my cancer until I qualified for Medicare. My mother had been diagnosed several months before, so I felt there was a reason to worry. When a friend told my about your organization's free mammograms, I made the appointment. Because it was found early, I only had a lumpectomy. Had I waited, I know the outcome would have been different. To date, I am CANCER FREE! Your organization was a God send; I can never fully thank you for saving my life." – Louise

Nutritional Supplements

Nutrition plays an important role in cancer treatment and recovery. Registered and licensed dietitians help patients in their fight with cancer. A good nutrition plan helps keep the body stronger. Nutritional supplements are also provided to economically challenged patients.

Oncology Massage Therapy and Accupuncture

"I have benefited so much and credit the massage therapy and acupuncture for my decision to continue with the five-year program of the medication so necessary and beneficial, yet very dif ficult to tolerate. Massage made the pain and nausea more tolerable and gave me time to thoughtfully consider the positive aspects of the drug despite the negative impact on my body. Thank you so much for your part in providing excellent care and support." – Francisca

Gas Cards

"As each day passed, I had to choose whether to eat or save my limited funds for fuel to get to treatment. I obviously needed both. Thanks to Careity Foundation, I received a gas card to fill my car. With your assistance i was able to get to my everyday radiation treatments. Thanks for all you do." – James