Careity Testimonials

THANK YOU to Careity Foundation
from people we’ve helped

From a patient

Just wanted to say, “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!”

I had my mammogram done today, down at the Stock Yards. The ladies working in the trailor were all so VERY kind and nice.I especially liked that the technician used a soft pad on the machine – first time I have ever had a mammogram that did not leave bruises or sore spots. I also appreciate how they made me feel welcome and that they treated me with respect. I was never made to feel “less than” just because I cannot afford health insurance.

I truly appreciate what they, and your foundation, are doing for those of us who do not have health insurance. May you all have a very blessed life!

From Debby

I had my screening at Solis in Bedford and have already received the results…all is good.

Such a relief. I appreciate all of the help I received from you to be able to have peace of mind.

On behalf of myself and all of the others you have helped, thank you so very much. Have a wonderful year! It was absolutely wonderful and so is she!

From Jill

The words “Thank You” hardly seem enough. On May 17th, I had the opportunity to receive a massage given by Lesley Hunt. It was absolutely wonderful and so is she!

I was diagnosed with marginal zone lymphoma and recently had splenectomy surgery. I have no health insurance and my medical bills continue to escalate. My diagnosis and the financial burden has been quite stressful. The massage therapy was so relaxing and very helpful. I am so grateful for your Foundation.

My family and I continue to hope and pray for positive reports. We truly believe in God’s Miracles!

From Judy

My husband goes to Huguley Hospital for chemo treatments. He goes to the cancer center, every three weeks. My husband also has neuropathy. His feet and legs are always hurting him. The massage therapist is Lesley Hunt. She is amazing for him, for 3 days his legs and feet do not hurt, and that is a blessing for him. Thank you for your service and thank you for Lesley, who has really helped him. Again thank you for your service. It relaxes my husband and he forgets for a while what he is there for.

From Tammy

I would like to express my utmost appreciation for the 24 Hour Mammogram Marathon which was held at Huguley. I had not had a mammogram for at least 10 years because after my divorce I could not afford health insurance.

I was fortunate enough to get one of the appointments and have a free mammogram and was then notified to go back for additional films and ultrasound after the initial visits. I am happy and relieved to say that all is fine, and I feel so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to get these results. Prior to my divorce I had always been able to “pay my own way,” so it was very humbling to receive charity. However, I must also compliment Careity and Hugeley on the wonderful atmosphere they created for this process — it really made me feel cared about and special.

From Jan

Thanks so very much for the availability of your mobile mammogram unit. The caring attitude of your staff makes such a wonderful difference. The extra touches of the gift package make it more like a spa experience than a free clinic. Blessings!

From Billy

I am writing this note to thank you for providing Lesley Hunt for us at the cancer center located at Huguley Hospital. She brings good feelings and “Happy Feet” to all she touches and is a good representative for the Careity Foundation. In closing, Thanks again.

From Jerry

You need to know that you have the most wonderful person who is so kind and thoughtful as she cares for people in the Cancer Centers, a person that can hardly hold their head up will be relaxed after one of her treatments. My wife, Pat, has been fortunate to have had her care, and we want to thank you for making that possible.

From Denise

I saw Lesley today, and she was so good. I cried and cried like I have never done before. I know I have had outbursts, but not a feel good sob. Her advice was superb. I have been looking at things the wrong way around, but I am starting to straighten them up as from now.

From Fran

I would like to thank the Careity Foundation for the services I have received to this point since being diagnosed with breast cancer November, 2006. I truly appreciate the massage therapy and feel it has played a big part in my recovery. Thank you so much for providing this very healing service.

From a patient

When I first started at the Cancer Center I was numb and tingling from the waist down. With therapy here and of course other extensive therapy, I am on my way to a full recovery. I am walking better and better all the time. I believe that the massage therapy that Lesley does has helped me be able to get back almost all of the feeling in my feet. I want to thank you for providing the funding for her to be here.

From Dean

I wanted to thank you for making it possible for me to get the best foot massage I have ever had. I was at the Cancer Center getting my infusions the other day and a wonderful lady, Lesley, ask if I would like my feet rubbed. It sure did take my mind off my treatment and really relaxed me. Lesley was a very kind and uplifting woman. Thank you for making this possible.